Salsa de Nopal — the cactus in my kitchen

Cooking in Mexico

Salsa de Nopal is one more reason why I love living in Mexico. I know it sounds crazy, with all the awful news about the violence in Mexico, to say that I love living here, but I do. Our part of Mexico remains safe, thank goodness, and I keep discovering new salsa recipes that add spice and color to our tropical life.

This recipe comes from Marie of Cooking for Community. Marie is the head chef for Bosque Village, a rustic retreat in rural Mexico near Patzcuaro in the state of Michoacan. She included this recipe in an article she wrote for Another Day in Paradise, an article that was a eye opener for me, as I did not know that the infamous sap of nopal cactus pads, known in Spanish as baba, is used as an ingredient in traditional paints and roof sealants.

Now don’t let…

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